Cooking Oil
Margarine & Shortening

The Group manufactures three categories of palm oil-based liquid cooking oil, namely (i) branded consumer pack; (ii) branded semi-consumer pack; and (iii) unbranded industrial type.

Branded consumer pack cooking oil is targeted at consumers in retail outlets and are sold in packages of up to five litres. Branded semi-consumer pack cooking oil is sold in containers of 15 kilograms to 18 kilograms and is generally targeted at merchants which resell the cooking oil to end-users. Unbranded industrial type cooking oil is sold mainly to PT ISM Group and other industrial users for their manufacturing purposes. With the exception of industrial cooking oil, all products are sold under brand names.

The Groupís consumer brands for cooking oil include "Bimoli", "Bimoli Spesial","Delima", "Happy Salad Oil" and "Mahakam".

The years in which certain of the Groupís major consumer brands were introduced are set out below:-

Year of introduction
: 1978
Bimoli Spesial
: 1993
: 1997
: 1993
Happy Salad Oil(A soya-based cooking oil)
: 1996

In FY2015 approximately 98% of the Group's sales value of cooking oil was derived from the domestic Indonesian market.